LunaLei Wellness

Ancient Remedies for Modern Day Ailments

1245 Tharp Road Ste E, Yuba City, CA

  • Root Cause Vs. Symptom

    A clinical herbalist will help you find the root of an imbalance vs a symptomatic band aid. When you have an appointment with me, we will go over lifestyle, diet, genetics, and much more. This process helps me to find a pattern to formulate your plan. The goal of every session is to figure out why this is happening in your body and how we can heal the root of the imbalance.

  • Western vs. Eastern (why both matter)

    LunaLei Wellness has received over 3000 hours training in both Western Herbalism and Eastern Medicine. You will receive the benefits of acute healing (Western Herbalism) and chronic long healing (Eastern Medicine). Each session will be tailored in advice with Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Herbalism.

  • Body, Spirit, and Mind

    With training in clinical herbalism, yoga, reiki and a Bachelors degree in psychology, LunaLei Wellness will help you find the connection for whole body healing. Each of our systems can lead to disease: emotions, physical, and nervous system. Find out how each one can cause imbalance to the other