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Valley Solstice Smudge

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My love letter to the herbs of the Northern California Valleys. The valley that raised me and shaped the passion to heal using the plants provided to me. Ethically wildcrafted. Infused with Reiki energy and intention. 

Use this smudge to cleanse and cultivate abundance in your own life.

Red Clover: Protection, clears unwanted energies, promotes abundance and promotes hope.

Pine: Health, attracts wealth, peace and energy cleansing.

Wild Rosemary: Clears negative energy, promotes peace and calm.

Cedar: Carries our prayers & wishes. clears negative energy, and helps tune to your inner self.

Wild Mustard: Promotes inner joy and contentment

Woolly Sunflower; Abundance and Joy

Bunchleaf: Promotes resilience and strength. .

Citrine: Abundance, divine opportunities, joy, confidence and personal power., Hand selected from The Tarot Crystals.